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After about 15 minutes this shock of blonde hair [appears]." She had clogged her toilet on the first day and spent that time figuring out how to fix it before asking if someone had a plunger. PHOTOS: Midseason 2013: TV's Newest Series (Later in the afternoon, Mc Carthy countered Hardwick's story by offering her own: According to the new VH1 late-night host, she shared that the evening before an early taping, she burned her hotel down -- literally.) But on to the series, which will be in the form of a comedy/variety talk show.

For Hardwick, the landscape has shifted dramatically for "nerdy" content making its way into the pop culture conversation.

If you’re between the ages of 20 and 40 you may remember this show, as MTV aired the living shit out of it from 95-98.

I was having the weirdest flashbacks during this because THIS WAS EXACTLY WHAT THE SHOW WAS LIKE.

“Part of the reason I might be so annoyingly enthusiastic now is I’m doing something I really enjoy doing,” he says.

He looks at his haters through a comic book lens: “It’s that Batman-Joker thing: You made me first!

He also has a franchise at AMC that includes “The Walking Dead” fan show “Talking Dead” and the upcoming “Talking With Chris Hardwick.”A premiere date for “The Awesome Show” has not been announced, but Hardwick should have plenty to keep him busy until then.

, hosted the game show along with the likes of vivacious co-hosts Jenny Mc Carthy and Carmen Electra, giving randy college students a platform to possibly get laid.

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The only other “sexy-branded moment” I can think of was that one time Carmen Electra’s boob popped out during a promo shoot, and when I clumsily indicated this to her with a cupped hand gesture and an uncomfortable, “Uhhh…hey…there…” she calmly said, “Eh, everyone’s seen ’em anyway,” and flopped it back behind its shroud. I have to credit our writers, producers and staff–they executed it flawlessly, from Kevin’s excellent “Woos!

It’s rare that I ever reference that old chestnut “Singled Out,” not because I’m ashamed of it but because I never wanted to be the guy who was trying to milk the teat of its success long after it was appropriate. Even though we were poking fun at it, this easily could have been an episode.

Actually, I don’t think I even milked that teat much when the show was still on.

Hardwick, who got his start hosting the MTV dating show “Singled Out” in the ’90s before establishing himself as a specialist in geek culture with his Nerdist podcast, has become a near-ubiquitous presence on the small screen in recent years.

He currently hosts two game shows, “@midnight” on Comedy Central and “The Wall” on NBC.