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In a career filled with success and honours, a diploma issued to thousands of students each year is the one that, right now, means the most to Steven Spielberg.The man with three Oscars, half a dozen Emmys and five honorary doctorates is happily clutching a pen-and-pencil set as he settles into a chair at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.His current research will continue to focus on the creation of new electronic musical instruments that attempt to capture human expression.He performed for fifteen years as a Saxophonist and Technical Director of the Liquid Skin Ensemble, a seven-member group comprised of classical, jazz and rock musicians, which performed at major venues in Los Angeles, such as the Japan America Theater, the Getty Museum, as well as at the LG Arts Complex in Seoul, Korea. Theatre at the California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts).

I felt like John Belushi at the end of Animal House."This new graduate is the Western world's most famous and successful film-maker.

"I was so inspired by her and I also did it for my father, who was very upset with me when I dropped out of college to accept a contract with Universal," he says.

Then there was the prodding from his younger children.

She is an active member and supporter of Friends of Long Beach Animals and believes that owner responsibility is the key to solving animal issues.

She lives with two fine fat foundling felines, Woodbine and Mildred.